Friday, October 7, 2011

Last motorcycle ride of the year and bring on the winter.

Recently, the weather in Chicago has been absolutely beautiful and I plan on taking my last, long motorcycle ride of 2011 this Saturday. The weather forecast for this weekend looks phenomenal so I hope everyone in the Chicago land area enjoys it because this winter is apparently going to be a rough one. Also, the Chicago Marathon is this weekend and my roommate is running it so I wish the best of luck to him.
Earlier I read an article that predicts this winter will have a large amount of snow fall with multiple blizzards possible and extremely cold temperatures. The article also said this winter will make people what to move but I have a hard time believing that. People who live in Chicago love the weather extremes. I just wanted to say have a good weekend and enjoy yourselves!


  1. I wish i could take out my motorcycle before snowfall