Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Album Review: Jack Johnson - From Here to Now to You

After my initial run through I was a little sad with the lack of the old dark and deep Jack Johnson but on my second trip I have to say I'm starting to like this new direction. When To the Sea was release I couldn't help of thinking about other albums like On and On but I've come to realize what I like about him so much. With every new album come a little bit different sound and style. His newest album is definitely worth a look and there are quite a few catchy songs. I usually judge the songs on how much I want to learn them on guitar but I'm just going to have to leave this as a listening album instead of a covering. Check this album out and see what you think.

Coming Soon: The Ultimate Guide to Losing Fat and Getting Jacked

During these last two years I've tried many different ways to get into same and up until about 2 months ago was a pretty big failure. Once I started this routine I dropped 25 pounds in 2 month going from 205-180 and when I was at 205 I still had a pretty athletic frame. My main focus was exposing my abs (lowering overall body fat percentage) and getting into a defined, non-bulky body. The write up will be coming within a few days. Anyone and everyone can do this very easily.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

311 Unity Tour, Chicago, IL July 3rd, 2013

First but definitely not the last time I'll be seeing 311! The show was awesome and I had a great time! Here's the pictures. (Nokia Lumia 920)